Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Lukinto Lake Lodge experience:

Where is Lukinto Lake Lodge located ?
We are located in north central Ontario above Michigan. Lukinto is approximately 14 miles east of the town of Longlac and 4 miles north of Highway 11. Watch for our sign on the highway before you turn north.

Is Lukinto Lake Lodge a fly-in lodge?
We are not a fly-in lodge, but our fishing is as good as most fly-in lakes because our lakes are very secluded. It is not uncommon for you to fish all day and not see another boat in addition to no other resorts or cabins.

What clothing should a person bring?
Come prepared for all weather. Be sure to have a hat, sunglasses, sun protection, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. Depending on the time of the year you come, bring warm and cold weather clothing, sneakers or comfortable shoes, rubber boots and don’t forget rain gear, flashlight and a camera.

Are there towels or bed linens provided in the cabins?
Bed linens are provided, but bring your own towels, washcloths and soap for showering and doing dishes.

How much do you need for a down payment to make a reservation and do you
accept credit cards?
We require a $100 down payment for each person to hold your cabin. We operate in Canadian money and do not accept credit cards, because we do not have a secure phone line.

Are meals served at Lukinto?
Meals are not served at Lukinto. Each cabin has all the necessary cooking utensils, dishes, refrigerator and stove with oven to cook your meals. There are also a few restaurants in town, if you don’t feel like cooking. Check to see if there will be a Fish Fry scheduled at the lodge for the week you are staying there.

Should I bring my own cigarettes and liquor?
If you smoke, buy your American cigarettes at home or the duty-free store before crossing the border into Canada. You are permitted to bring 1 carton per person into Canada. You can also buy liquor at the duty-free store before you drive into Canada. Each adult is allowed 1 case of beer or 1 litre (quart) of liquor. You get the best prices at the duty-free store, but you can also buy beer and liquor at the LCBO (liquor store) in Longlac.

What kind of vehicle works best on the roads around Lukinto?
This is truck country. A 4-wheel drive is not a necessity, but they come in handy.

Do I need to wear my seatbelt when driving in Canada?
When traveling in Canada, we suggest you keep your belt on. Canadians take that law very seriously. Be prepared to be checked at anytime by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police).

What is a kilometer?
A kilometer is a metric measurement of distance. It is approximately 6/10’s of one mile. Average speed on the highway is 90 kilometers per hour.

How is temperature measured in Canada?
In Canada, temperature is given in celsius. To figure out a fahrenheit temperature from celsius, a simple formula to use is to double the celsius temperature, then subtract 10% of the doubled temperature and add 32. This will give you a close fahrenheit temperature. If you would like an easier conversion, try the Temperature Conversion link on the left side of the Home Page in the Useful Links area.

What kind of businesses are in the town of Longlac?
In the town of Longlac there are grocery stores, a laundry mat, couple of restaurants, churches, gas stations, Radio Shack, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Robyn’s Donuts, LCBO (liquor store), 2 banks, ATM’s and the world famous Tim Skinner’s Sporting Goods and Tackle Shop for all your tackle and outdoor needs.

Does the town of Longlac have a golf course?
No, but if you are a golfer bring your clubs and play 18 holes at the beautiful Kenogamisis Golf Course located 40 minutes away in Geraldton. We can make your reservations for you.

Is there a need to worry about deer ticks and Lime’s Disease?
There is no need to worry about ticks. We have no ticks or Lime’s Disease up here.

Are lifejackets provided or should I bring my own?
We do have lifejackets, but bring your own lifejacket if you have one.

What if I have questions about the website?
Send an email to

Do we have to carry boats?
No. Lodge boats are already located at many lakes in the area. All you have to do is carry a motor to the boat and start fishing.

Lukinto Lake Lodge offers the quality of Ontario fly-in fishing at drive-in prices. A true wilderness experience at affordable family rates. Bring your camera! You may see moose, bear, wolf, eagles or a variety of other wildlife. We offer black bear hunting, moose hunting, and excellent grouse hunting as well!